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On October 1st, 1950 Mr.F.G. H. Beckmann Founded Messrs. BECKMANN KG in Hamburg.

The basis of the company's foundation was the sale of Diesel engines and spare parts. Soon the construction of BEMAG generating sets followed.

In 1988 Mr. Beckmann left the company due reasons of age. In order to ensure the future of his company according to his ideas he passed the management over to an experienced member of his staff.


Nowadays BEMAG generating sets are built to a capacity up to 2500 kVA and they are working in all parts of the world.

High production quality, prompt delivery and an extensive service characterize Messrs. BECKMANN Aggregate Service GmbH.

Furthermore the large spare parts departement supplies genuine spare parts for Diesel engines, switchboards, vessels, trucks and cars as well as building machineries.

The international market constantly demands higher quality generating sets. BEMAG is continuously working on such developments.
Our aim: continuous improvement of our BEMAG generating sets, by using the latest developments.
Beckmann Aggregate Service GmbH Senefelder Ring 42 21465 Reinbek phone +49-(0)40-44 40 26 fax +49-(0)40-410 30 55 Impressum